Dissolve your Money Worries & Fears with EFT.

10 Page Workbook includes:

✨ Money Mindset and Manifestation Techniques

✨ 16 POWERFUL Money Mantras for you to use and adapt to make your own

✨ 10min Workbook Walkthrough Video +

✨ 10 min EFT Video to help melt away money fears.

Download the workbook and get 20 mins of BONUS Video Content.

What you think in the mind is felt in the body first and unless you release the blocks you'll repeat the same cycles.

In this freebie you will be guided through a money manifestation journalling process to heal the mind then shift and dissolve the energetic blocks in your body using EFT -Emotional Freedom Technique.

Shift Your Reality & Release your Money Blocks!

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16 Money Mantras Workbook + EFT Script
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